The GO-XFRAME is a coplanar filler frame made up of special profiles in aluminium with a symmetrical section. The profiles designed to provide maximum resistance containing weights, have the relevant cables for the assembly of the vertical angle bracket, the installation of the top seal, the spring shaft bracket and of course the installation of the GO-LIGHT* system. The empty areas inside it create spaces that can be used to pass cables through for accessory systems.

Thanks to its versatility, the GO-XFRAME system can be fitted: as a filler - on the front - on the side with the GO-SIDEFIX system (optional – image below).


GO-XFRAME available in standard colours BLACK SIMILAR RAL 9005 - WHITE SIMILAR RAL 9016, can be painted in SIMILAR RAL colours / sample shade or in casing.


Let’s introduce GO-SIDEFIX! A new way of attaching the mechanism of your residential door. Thanks to this kit, it is possible to anchor it on the side by making use of load-bearing walls in situations where front jambs are not suitable. Easy and versatile! Just fix and make level the sturdy pre-drilled galvanised steel profile (15/10 thick) on the side wall (the profile can also be split and arranged as necessary to accommodate shapes or similar) to create the support base to which the rails/vertical angle bracket group can be joined using the relevant screws contained in the kit.

Its reduced size avoids reducing the clear passage height of the door, retaining the standard situation of 100 mm jamb. The Omega section of the profiles ensures strength and ease of assembly, retaining lightness and providing support for fixing the rails and practical space for cables or wiring to pass through.

Designed to be combined with the GO-XFRAME, at the same time its versatility makes it the perfect solution for other types of installation: jambs not suitable for front attachment - jambs with filler qualities - non-structural jambs. Practical and fast!