Extraordinary convenience of the pedestrian garage door


There are at least three good reasons for having a garage door with a pedestrian entrance. The first is functionality: easy entry and exit with bicycles, scooters, strollers or prams, without having to open the inside door. The second has to do with child safety. Imagine your child playing in the garden or in the courtyard with his friends: with an integrated pedestrian door they will be free to enter and exit independently, without risks. The third has to do with your peace of mind: if you are doing work in the garden, if you come back home late in the evening, if you simply live your garage not only as a parking lot and a warehouse, you will immediately notice the convenience of not having to keep open the garage for hours and the possibility of letting in a little light.

Our customers are increasingly choosing to integrate their garage door with a pedestrian entrance to increase their safety, of their children and of their home. And that's why in recent years we have made a series of improvements to our GO LEVEL doors which also give a touch of sober and refined elegance to the aesthetics of the garage door and the home.

The pedestrian garage door designed by CAME GO is equipped with a small aluminum threshold. It is therefore never intrusive from an aesthetic point of view, on the contrary it enhances the entire structure. It also has an Orange Safe passage signaling plate and inserts that avoid the bad feeling of pinching your fingers. The hinges hidden inside the aluminum profiles protect the pedestrian door and the garage itself from the weather: on pouring rain days, there is no danger of a single drop of water entering the garage. The GO LEVEL garage door is installed with a double handle, both internal and external, and it is possible to automate it through a safety switch, which prevents accidental opening of the entire garage door when the pedestrian door is left open.

All garage doors by CAME GO are customizable. To facilitate your choice, we have created a section on our website that allows you to configure your new garage door according to the styles and colors you prefer and to request a free quote. You can do it at this link.